Legend Bicycle is Providence’s gateway to bikepacking and adventure cycling. We offer pannier and trailer rentals with daily and weekly rates for local test drives and whatever else your legs can dream. Legend does not currently offer bicycle rentals.


Want to go for an overnight or a long distance adventure and don’t want to invest in the best, dryest, most secure bags out there? Now you can rent them at Legend by the day, the week or the month.

Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic

Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic rear panniers will fit most modern rear racks with its versatile QL2 mounting system. Total Volume is 40 L (2441 which is suitable for carrying gear for a summer overnight or longer tour. Consider a set of front panniers if you are traveling alone or not sharing a tent or other camping/cooking gear.

  • $20/day.
  • $75/week.
  • Buy: $190


Do you need to pick up supplies for getting that new apartment ready across town? Or maybe you need to carry your tools and some compost to your plot at the community garden, and you want to go by bike. A bike trailer is a great way to carry large, heavy or bulky items, but maybe you don’t have the money to invest in a good one or have the space at home to keep it. Well, now Legend offers a variety of trailers for rent to suit your needs.

B.O.B. Yak

The B.O.B. Yak is a great trailer for hauling supplies across town or toting gear on a tour. It will fit on most modern bicycles (rear axle spacing 126-140mm) with quick release wheels and will carry up to 70lbs. The single trailing-wheel design is great for tight spaces or for using off – road, bot also great for the quick attachment for an across-town errand.

  • $25/day
  • $100/week
  • Buy: $370

Surly Ted

Maybe you are painting your house and you need to pick up a few gallons of paint and other supplies at Adlers. Or maybe you found the perfect armchair on Craigslist and want to go pick it up in style. Just strap that puppy down to the 24in. X 32in. bed and start pedaling. This trailer is rated to 300lbs and will fit most modern bikes with a quick release rear axle (rear axle spacing 120-145mm).

  • $30/day
  • Buy: $950