Buy Local!

Shopping locally is good for you and your family. When you spend your money with a locally-owned business, more of your money stays in the local economy and supports other local businesses.

Legend Bicycle supports local causes such as the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition (RIBIKE), Southside Community Land Trust, Vartan Gregorian School, Brown Fox Point Daycare, Books Through Bars, and many others.

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Internet Sales

New bicycles require professional assembly. If you are comparing prices between online bicycles and bicycles from a store, keep in mind that it takes a mechanic around an hour to assemble the average new bike from the box.

New bicycles require follow-up service. Every new bicycle from Legend comes with “Lifetime FREE Adjustments”. If you ever have a problem or a question concerning your new bike, we are here at 181 Brook Street to help you.

It is important your bike is the right size. When you shop for a bicycle at a bricks and mortar store like Legend, you will be able to speak with someone who knows what type of bicycle and in what size might be best for you.

The Internet is not always cheaper. Usually our prices are competitive, especially when you consider freight charges and installation costs. Let us help you with our experience and product knowledge.