Located in Providence’s East Side, Legend is the place for bikes and bike repair in Rhode Island. In addition to adult bicycles in every size and shape, you will find the parts and accessories to keep them on the road, as well as to keep you up to date with the latest in what you need to ride high in the saddle.

Legend sells new bikes from Jamis, MarinSurly, and Brompton. Whether you want an affordable bike for the casual pedal around town, or the latest race-worthy machine, we have what you need and everything in between. The staff at Legend is expert at fitting you to the bike and the bike to your needs.

The Legend

The Legend is that part of the map that explains the language of the mapmaker. By describing places and terrain with symbols, the conversation between the map and the reader is simplified and more accessible.

On a bicycle we are exposed to the world in which we live, work and play. We see our neighbors and say hello. We hear bits of conversations and smell food cooking. As we roll through neighborhoods we realize that there are no walls between the East Side and the South End; there are no curtains between Downtown and Olneyville. We are a city of citizens and the roads are where we come together. A Cycling map can help you find your way.

Lay o' the Land

Legend Bicycle is the home office of Lay o’ the Land, a Providence-area bicycle map and wayfinding guide for cyclists. Lay o’ the Land is found in paper form exclusively at Legend Bicycle. Or, download it here: Lay o’ the Land (pdf)