What is included when we say "Free Adjustments for life"?

peteshands Most specialty bike shops offer some sort of free service plan with the purchase of a new bicycle.  Besides ensuring the proper fit of your new bike,  professional assembly and some sort of follow-up tuning are the main factors that separate specialty bicycle stores such as Legend from mass merchants such as Wall Mart, Target, etc. that happen to sell bikes.  The fact is all bicycles, whether they cost $150 or $10,050 will go through a break-in period and will require attention from a professional mechanic to function properly over the long term.  

The adjustments we are talking about are necessary due to the normal forces that are at work as you operate your new bike.  Your new bike has never been riden before; so when you squeeze your brakes or shift gears the first few hundred times, the steel controller cables will naturally stretch a little.  Because this stretch will alter the original adjustment you may notice a change to the precision of your shifting, or your brakes may feel less responsive than when you first purchased the bike.

Sometimes service plans at other specialty bicycle stores will be called a "free 30-day tune-up" or a "complimentary 100-mile service".  Bikes don't know time, and often the break-in of the brakes occurs at a different rate than for the shifters.  So in order to eliminate any confusion, Legend's service plan is called "free adjustments for life".  Whenever you have a question or a concern about your bicycle and it can be corrected with a simple mechanical or fit adjustment we will take care of it at no charge. 

Lifetime Free Adjustments include:

  • shift cable tension adjustments
  • derailleur limit adjustments
  • brake cable adjustment
  • brake balancing adjustment
  • headset bearing adjustment
  • wheel bearing adjustment
  • wheel truing (first 6 months)
  • loose nuts and bolts
  • any part failure due to manufacturer defect or improper assembly

Lifetime Free Adjustments do not include:

  • flat tire repair
  • periodic lubing as required under normal use and exposure to the elements
  • replacement of consumable parts such as tires, brake pads, chain, cogs and others due to normal wear and tear
  • repairs due to crashing or owner neglect

Providing Lifetime Free Adjustments is our way of going the extra distance to ensure your complete satisfaction with your new bicycle.

Keep in mind, bicycles are machines that require periodic cleaning and lubing.  Basic maintenence habits include keeping your tires properly inflated and your chain lubed.    Legend offers instruction in maintenence and basic repairs to help our customers be more self-sufficient with their bikes.  Whether you do it yourself, or hire us to do it, we recommend an annual "tune-up".  Our service department performs tune-ups and other repairs as necessary and offers different levels to suit the specific needs of your bicycle.  Estimates are always free.