D2R2 August 25, 2011

September is our busiest month here at Legend and after a busy spring and summer It starts to feel a little like a late episode of “Survivor” around here.  So instead of breaking out the Nerf bats and doing trust falls in a Holiday Inn conference room we like to take it out into the streets.

We will be closed this coming Saturday for our annual staff trip out to the Berkshires to participate in the infamous D2R2 - the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee.  This is a chance for us to catch our breath before a busy September and to share one of the premier cycling events in the country.  According to Wikipedia:

[Cyclists] may travel in groups or alone as they wish, and are expected to be self-sufficient between controls. A randonneuring event is called a randonée or brevet, and a rider who has completed a 200 km event is called a randonneur.

We will be doing the 115 km. course which, according to Wikipedia, does not quite make us “randonneurs”.  As someone who has done the 100 km course last year, thats like saying that this guy isn’t a pirate because he doesn’t have a parrot on his shoulder: pirate3

This course is difficult.  Last year the 100 km course had 8,000 feet of climbing.  The 180 km course had 16,000 ft.  Trust me, we’ll be calling ourselves “randonneurs” as we feast on the after ride barbecue and beer fest.

The cool thing about the D2R2 is that 80% of the roads are unpaved.  Many sections use 18th century farm and carraige roads that were designed and built before the automobile and are maintained using age-old methods of grading and surfacing.  The D2R2 is not only a great way for the locals to share these hilltown tracks with cyclists who appreciate their uniqueness but entry fees go towards the local land trust.

So on Saturday, instead of fixing flat tires and selling floor pumps, the crew at Legend will be in the Berkshires reeling in the kilometers, pulling down the vertcal feet, and bringing home stories of radness and survival.