Ironman July 10, 2010

transition skills are key

You may have noticed a different breed of visitor to town over the past few days.  Super - fit humans have been spotted prowling the downtown area getting ready for the third annual Ironman Triathalon to be held Sunday (note: the course map on this link is last year's course.  The running course is entirely different).  Get this: starting at 6am these folks get in the water down at Point Judith, swim a mile in the open ocean,  dry off, ride their bikes 60 miles to the State House, change their shoes, and run 13 miles around Downtown and the East Side.   The fast ones will be done by noon -  before half the hipsters in town get up to dust themselves off and go stand in line for breakfast at Julians.   Come on down to Brook Street and watch the runners go by Sunday starting around 10 am.